Owner Testimonials

This breeder is phenomenal! Something very important to us having been so far away – they made sure our pup was very comfortable for her flight from Manitoba to Ontario. She went beyond what we expected and put some samples of food and treats and toys and a blanket in her crate to make her feel at ease. It impressed us to see all that they did for her journey. Sophie is a really good dog. She is smart and affectionate, full of energy & her health is great! The food that the breeder recommends is what I believe causes her to have such an immensely SOFT & shiny coat. Everyone that touches her comments on how soft she is!
Mine and my boyfriend’s life is much better with this dog. We are extremely happy with our choice to get at Silver and for choosing Silver Joy Labs as a breeder. She is the love of our lives and everyone that meets her also falls in love with her. She is very spirited and full of personality & she makes me laugh everyday!
Kirstin runs her business with kindness and sincerity and is always there if we need questions answered – even 10 months after our purchase!! The extra money for this color is more than worth it in our opinion. You will not be disappointed! ~Thank you to Kirstin & Silver Joy Labs for giving such a beautiful “baby”!

From Niccole & Frank, Ontario

My name is Briana. I am part of the Lewis family, I am the granddaughter. I want to thank you so much for our girl. Shadow has settled in nicely and didn’t act strange at all! She is our little sweetheart.

Lewis Family, Newfoundland

Our beautiful Aysha Moon has been a wonderful addition to our family. Right from the very beginning she demonstrated great intelligence and a limitless capacity to learn. She has an amazing carefree nature that enables her to “read” other dogs exceptionally well. Aysha gets along with a variety of doggie personalities. She has attended a local doggie daycare and the owner has commented on her fabulous manners. Whether she is resting in her run, hanging in the house or out in the yard with the other dogs Aysha is a very well-behaved puppy. No matter the weather (and you know this past Manitoba winter has been a tough one) she loves to go outside but yet enjoys resting at our feet, on her doggie bed or in her favourite chair. Aysha has blended well with our 2 other dogs. We have an 11 year old black lab that I swear has become much younger by having some playtime with Aysha Moon. Our 4 year old chocolate lab has learned to accept her and they love to go on expeditions through our 130 acres. She was a quick learner during her puppy class. She really picked up quickly on the recall. Her mealtime manners are exceptional. She is now 10 months old and thriving. We look forward to many years with her. Thank you so much Kirstin for this amazing dog!! Shelby and Cash make stunning puppies!

Sherry, Stonewall Manitoba

Our handsome boy Reese (Silver Joy’s American Boy) is from Kirstin’s first litter with Cash & Shelby. I was nervous about getting a puppy from so far away (we live 1 our east of Albany, NY, USA) but would now recommend Kirstin to anyone. She is very professional, prompt and knowledgeable. Kirstin has always returned my calls and emails right away and has remained a great resource.
Reese arrived as promised and in perfect health. He adjusted well to his new home and has been a great addition to our family. We have two young children (2 & 7 years old) who love him to pieces. Reese puts up with a lot (from our 2 year old). He lets the kids crawl and climb all over him, use him as a pillow and when he has enough he will just get up and walk away. Reese loves to be near us and to interact with us. When he wants to play he will get one of his toys and just drop it in your lap, then sit and stare at you with those big beautiful eyes until you give in and throw it. He is extremely smart and was easy to house and crate train. People love his color, they comment on how handsome he is and just melt when they see him.

Melissa, New York USA

Nash is soooooo good. At 3 ½ months we left him at home for 2 hrs to see what would happen. Came home and he chewed a 3’ square piece of paper. I take him to work with me. He sleeps in between runs. I have something to compare him to seeing I had another lab before Nash. I have got many comments on him. He is a great, fun loving, well mannered dog. I spend a little time with training, just because it takes ¼ the time.

Jonathan, Grand Prairie Alberta

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