Our Girl

Shelby is our little princess. Her favourite pastime is giving kisses. She is light silver in colour, and was an adorable puppy. This colour and baby blue eyes as a pup had many admirers. Her retrieving is what she would do ALL day if you let her.

Silver Hills V
Hips OFA GOOD, and Elbows NORMAL
Eye's Cerf Exam Normal
OFA Congenital Cardiac Exam Normal

Our Stud

Cash is a large, stocky male. His charcoal color glistens in the sunlight, he is very handsome. He loves attention, is very caring and is always the first to greet you when you come home. His favourite toy is his rope, he carries it everywhere he goes. His large size and extremely well-mannered disposition is something we look forward to in his puppies.

Mallard Lane's Silver Joy
Hips and Elbows OFA Pending
Eye's CERF Exam Pending
OFA Congenital Cardiac Exam Normal

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